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Abbreviation API is deciphered as "application programming interface". API allows computer programs to integrate with each other and provides data exchange between them. In most cases, to facilitate the integration of the system through the API, developers create a manual called API documentation.
After signing the contract, each customer is provided with an operational support specialist to assist in conducting system tests and organizing integration work. Throughout the process, which takes about two weeks, the experienced development team will help in implementing the logic of integration. After successfully passing the tests, the client is sent data access to the server.
The following games are available: Gaminator, CoolAir, Slotsoft Robot, Holitrade, Novoline, TradeBox, My Bill. Also, the most popular types of convertible currency will be available for use, including crypto-currencies.
The advantage of working with CoolAir is a single API protocol, which allows the integration of several games at the same time. The technical department of the company provides qualified support at all stages of integration. Teamwork will avoid difficulties and shorten the start-up times for the project.