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Gambling software for Gaming clubs

More than 5000 most exciting games will please your customers. Control and manage your operation from one place. From reporting to player handling our back office gives the ability to authorized personnel for Real-time changes and instant implementation. CoolAir best solutions for Online Casino, Land Based / Internet Cafes and Live Dealer


Here you can make a deposit on the agency agreement. Simply click the "Make a deposit" button, go to the shopping cart and make a payment.The minimum payment is 50$, The amount can be increased by clicking on the icon "+".

Financial betting software solutions

Our chosen slots portfolio includes top platforms such as Cool Air, Live slots, Gaminator and Champion casino combined with partnerships for Grand Virginia & Novostar from the leading names of the industry like Evolution Gaming, Novostar Interactive, we offer a complete solution to operators. Paired with Seamless wallet we offer an enhanced user engagement.